Frequently Asked Questions


When do I use Beautilogy Glamour Hair System?

Use Beautilogy Glamour Hair System immediately after washing your hair. Your hair is weakest and most prone to damage right after you wash it especially if you’re using heat such as when using a blow dryer, hair straightener or a curling iron.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System a leave in treatment?

Yes, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is a leave-in treatment. Simply apply Step 1, followed by Step 2 after washing and towel drying your hair. You can even apply Beautilogy Glamour Hair System at other times as needed. If your hair is feeling dry then apply a few drops of Beautilogy Glamour Hair System for hydration and protection.

How much do I use?

This is a difficult question to answer because the state, length and thickness of everybody’s hair is different. We recommend you use much less then what you think you need! Simply start with a few drops of Step 1 and Step 2. This way you don’t waste any. You can always increase the amount if you feel this is not enough.

Can I use Step 1 without Step 2 or Step 2 without Step 1?

Yes, you can use one without the other. One of customer loves to apply a little bit of Step 2 on days she doesn’t wash her hair. Both products are perfectly safe and can be used independently. We’ve found the best results when both are used but you are the best person to decide what to use on your hair.


How natural are these products?

There is a lot of confusion about natural products. Except for fresh produce at your local supermarket, there are no natural products. Almost all manufactured products are technically ‘unnatural’. There are also different definitions of natural. Some definitions allow a limit of certain percentage of unnatural ingredients and a product can still be called ‘natural’. Other definitions allow certain manufacturing processes such as extrusion, centrifugation, filtration, distillation, extraction, percolation, adsorptive techniques, freezing, drying and certain extraction methods that allows a product to be called natural.

What’s relevant is if these products give you benefit you seek and if they are safe. In this regard Beautilogy is safe and is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

Side note: Almost all therapeutic pharmaceuticals are unnatural while too much natural Vitamin A or iron can lead to serious health issues.

What do mean by ‘nasty-free’?

Beautilogy does not contain parabens which have been shown to mimic the hormone, estrogen. Parabens have also been found in breast cancer tissue. There is no conclusive evidence at this stage to suggest that parabens cause cancer but we decided to keep these potentially harmful ingredients out. Some animal studies have shown harmful effects.

Here are some references for further information:

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is fragrance-free as well. Some fragrances are skin irritants. Plus, most of the other products you use are probably heavily-fragranced and you don’t need a leave-in treatment that is also fragranced which will ‘clash’ with your other products.

How soon will I notice a difference?

Almost everyone will notice a difference after their first use. Some may require 2-3 uses. If you don’t notice a difference, then by all means return the products for a full and prompt refund but we’re quietly confident that won’t happen. ????

Are the products designed for continued use?

Absolutely, these products were designed to be used every time you wash your hair but especially if you’re using heat. Beautilogy contains some wonderful ingredients that help.

Are the products Australian made?

Yes, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is manufactured in Australia.

Can I continue washing and conditioning my hair as usual using my other products?

Yes, you can use your usual shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. Beautilogy Glamour Hair System helps you as a leave-in treatment AFTER washing especially if your hair prone to damage or just needs extra protection. Even people with naturally gorgeous hair have noticed a remarkable difference.

Do I still need to condition using my regular conditioner?

Yes, any good regular conditioner does serve an important role and you should continue to use it.

Does Beautilogy Glamour Hair System contain any fragrances?

No it doesn’t. Almost all conditioners that you use (when washing your hair) will contain a fragrance. Beautilogy Glamour Hair System will not compete with the fragrance of your conditioner.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System a shampoo and conditioner?

No, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is leave-in treatment. You should use Beautilogy Glamour Hair System right after you wash your hair. You can use any shampoo and conditioner you want.

Why aren't these products available in-store?

Good question… department store products are generally made for a massive volume of sales generally backed by large marketing budgets and a celebrity who ‘allegedly’ uses that product!

But, some of the best products are made by science-obsessed product developers.  These are almost always never found in-stores and usually are quite exclusive because they are produced in small batches.  Our research team travels the world to find these products and on a rare occasion we can offer these to you.


Can I still blow-dry my hair as usual?

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is particular useful when applying any kind of heat treatment. Your hair faces the highest oxidative stress during heat treatments and can be extremely damaging. Step 1 and Step 2 work well together to help prevent damage. If you’re curious, simply apply Step 1 and Step 2 to a section (such as left hand side of your head), blow dry both sides. Then you can feel and notice the difference.

Can I continue to treat my hair as usual?

Yes. In fact Beautilogy Glamour Hair System helps over-treated hair well. Most salon treatments are quite harsh and Beautilogy Glamour Hair System can help restore elasticity and hydration back into your hair. In fact, some of the ingredients of Beautilogy helps keep the vibrancy of hair colour longer.

Do I have to blow-dry my hair?

Not at all. Use a small amount of Step 1 and Step 2 and it will help reduce the damage caused to your hair when combing or brushing and you’ll also get protection from sunlight and seawater.


Is it suitable to use as I have skin problems?

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System contains ingredients such as Panthenol (Vitamin B5) which is a proven skin healer and soother. Panthenol moisturisers and conditions the skin as well due to its humectant properties – which is fancy term for ‘attracting water’. Humectants attract water to the skin surface keeping it hydrated and also promoting shredding of the outer layer of the skin. Humanctants also reduce skin irritation caused by dry skin.

Combined with conditioners and anti-oxidants used in anti-aging skincare products makes Beautilogy Glamour Hair System a great skincare product as well. ????

If you are concerned then please do a spot test on your skin such as your forearm or the top of your hands to be certain.

But most importantly if you are having skin problems then you should see a medical practitioner.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable to use in-between washes?

Absolutely, but generally you won’t need it. The effects of Beautilogy for most hair types will last a few days. In some cases up to 5 days! But if you are spending a lot of time in the sun or at the beach, then a little bit of Step 1 and Step 2 can help. The ingredients have been shown to protect against oxidative stress.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for wet AND dry hair?

Yes, Beautilogy can be used on dry and wet hair. Beautilogy was designed to be used right after you wash/towel-dry your hair but it can be used at any time on dry and wet hair.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System good for tangle-prone hair?

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System helps close the cuticles which means that hair is less likely to get tangled. The wheat proteins make it easy to brush wet and dry hair. And lastly the 3 powerful conditioners helps keep your hair smooth and damage-free — this helps prevent knots, snarls and tangles.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System can be used on all hair types.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for all oily hair?

Yes, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System can be used on oily and dry hair.

Oily hair is technically not a hair problem but a skin issue. The oil is produced by your skin. Beautilogy Glamour Hair System contains Panthenol which is an effective skin moisturiser. Combined with Grape seed extract and vitamin E, your oily scalp problem should get some help as well. But please remember that Beautilogy Glamour Hair System was primarily designed to work on your hair while helping your scalp as well.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for dry hair?

Yes, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is especially suitable for dry hair. We believe the conditioning effect will work wonders for your hair – less breakage and more hydration and of course lustre. ????

Can Beautilogy Glamour Hair System be used for dyed hair?

Yes… but more importantly Beautilogy Glamour Hair System can help keep the vibrancy of colour longer. Washing hair is the main reason for loss of hair colour.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for chemically treated?

Yes. Beautilogy was designed specifically to put moisture and hydration back into your hair. You might even want to use Beautiogy Glamour Hair System before using a harsh chemical treatment. The grape seed extract and vitamin E combination is particularly useful for this. Beautilogy Glamour Hair System has been used to help with salon disasters. ????

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for untreated hair for purpose of hydration/nourishment?

Yes, absolutely. Beautilogy is particularly powerful at keeping your hair well hydrated and nourished. But please remember that you don’t need a lot.

Can Beautilogy Glamour Hair System be used on treated and coloured hair?

Yes. The hair protection mechanism of Beautilogy Glamour Hair System has a side benefit of maintaining the vibrancy of the colour in your hair longer.

Can Beautilogy Glamour Hair System be used on damaged hair?

Yes. One of the main functions of Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is to transform your hair into the healthiest and most beautiful it has ever been and then to maintain it. After a few weeks of using Beautilogy Glamour Hair System, you’ll need less serum and potion.

My hair is already thick and bouncy. I just want a nice shine. Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable?

Yes. Even though you only want shine, you should still use the complete system because it helps with hydration which is helps with lustre and shine. Simply start with a little and see if you’re happy with the results. Please read the answer below about thick curls as well.

I have thick curls? Can I still use Beautilogy Glamor Hair System.

This is the only time we would recommend caution but only if you’re NOT using a hair straightener. Beautilogy Glamour Hair System has been shown to turn thick curls into Diana Ross type of a hair-do. If big bushy hair is your main problem then we recommend you start with a little amount. Because Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is so effective, you might end up with even bouncer curls which is something you might not want. We recommend caution because Beautilogy is will add body and bounce.

Is Beautilogy Glamour Hair System suitable for all ages?

Yes, in fact one of guys at the factory gave it to his 14 year old daughter and even she was amazed how soft and silky smooth her hair became.


Can I order more than one?

Yes, you can order more than one. We offer free shipping and handling for all orders. But there is no need to order more than one if this is your first order.

Step one is a protection serum. Step two is a conditioning potion. Can I purchase them separately after initial order?

At the moment, Step 1 and Step 2 of Beautilogy Glamour Hair System are not available for individual purchase. Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is a complete system and Step 1 and Step 2 are designed to be used together. But, you are best person to decide what is best for your hair. If you are interested in only purchasing Step 1 or Step 2, then simple let us know via the contact form or by calling us. If enough people contact us about this, then we will offer the ability to purchase separately.


Does it include postage and handling in Australia?

Yes, shipping (postage) and handling is FREE. We hate shipping and handling surprises as much as you do. If our products work for you, then you will continue to use our products.

How long will take from me to receive my products?

Our products ship from Sydney on the same day or the next business day. Most people receive their orders within 3 days. Western Australian orders take a little bit longer.

Who delivers Beautilogy Glamour Hair System?

Our deliveries are undertaken mainly by 3 large postal and freight companies such as Australia Post. You’ll receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped.

Can they be delivered to a postal box

Yes, we deliver to postal boxes. We can also deliver to homes, offices and pretty much anywhere else in Australia.

Do deliveries need to be signed for and what happens if no one is at home?

Yes, all our orders are tracked and have to be signed for. If you’re not home then a missed delivery card will be left in your mail box or under the door. You’ll have instructions on what to do next. Generally, you can pick it up on the weekends or after hours. Alternatively you can get your package delivered to your work address.

Is there a 60 day money back guarantee?

Yes, there a no questions asked money back guarantee. There are NO restocking, shipping and handling fees. Simply send the product back for a full refund. 60 days starts from date of purchase.