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Beautilogy Glamour Hair System has been been developed by Blitz Brands.

Blitz Brands is a brand developer of health, beauty and cosmetic products which are primarily sold over the internet.

beau·til·o·gy: Science of becoming and staying beautiful… inside and out

No Empty Promises: active ingredients at levels where they work.

Proven Science: Beauty products based on proven science.

Nasty-Free: does not contain anything that is harmful or irritating to your hair or skin.

When You Need To Have All The Benefits

No Empty Promises…

What truly sets Beautilogy apart from the rest of products you’ve ever used is that the active ingredients in all Beautilogy products at levels where they actually make a difference.One of the dirty secrets of the hair and beauty industry is that there are practically no rules about what you can claim. Even a drop of an ingredient allows companies to make ‘empty’ claims.

Proven Science

With Beautilogy, you never have to worry if the products work because… the active ingredients are at levels where scientific research has shown they actually work and make a difference.


Beautilogy products do not contain any parabens or skin irritants such as fragrance.

When You Need To Have ALL The Benefits…

We’ve never met a person who doesn’t want everything. Beautilogy contains all the benefits. Does this sound too good to be true? Is it even possible that one system could give you all these benefits?

LOVE IT or pay nothing!

100% Money Back Guarantee. We will give you a full refund, including shipping, if you are not completely happy with Beautilogy Glamour Hair System.

only $49.95