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Lynsey, 24

Natural hair type: curly & fine


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Natural hair type: dry & frizzy


Mary, 40

Natural hair type: curly & dry


Bambi, 55

Natural hair type: dry

Imagine getting similar results…

Introducing, Beautilogy Glamour Hair System
Beautilogy Glamour Hair System

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System is arguably one of the most effective after-wash leave-in hair systems ever created.

In fact, it is the world’s first serum-potion system that contains ingredients at levels research proves will make a noticeable difference.

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System contains 2 products clearly marked as Step 1: SilkGuard Beauty Protection Serum and Step 2: SoftTouch Intense Conditioning Potion.

Step 1: SilkGuard Beauty Protection Serum

SilkGuard Beauty Protection Serum contains antioxidants, vitamin B5 and 2 different types of proteins to give your hair moisturisation, strength, nourishment, conditioning and maximum protection against hair damage, breakage and oxidative stress while…

Step 2: SoftTouch Intense Conditioning Potion

SoftTouch Intense Conditioning Potion is a hair beautifying conditioner that provides long-lasting conditioning, undeniable improvement in shine and ease of brushing… so you get protection against splits-ends, fly-aways, tangling and static.

Keeps Hair Hydrated

Once you have hydrated your hair, it is extremely important to keep it – hydration (water) slows down the spread of heat and ultimately damage. Once water has ‘escaped’ the temperature of your hair will increase… causing oxidative stress and potentially irreparable damage! This is where Step 2 starts working for you — this potent combination of conditioners coats your hair with a protective film that prevents water loss. This is vital to avoid cracks of the cuticles and finally breakage of your hair.

Beautilogy’s Active Ingredients

(No B.S. Promises!)

You want results, fast! Beautilogy Glamour Hair System contains ingredients at levels science
has proven helps reverse damage and keep your hair healthy, frizz-free and shiny…
Vitamin E and grape seed extract combination

Protects against oxidative stress especially when hair is at its highest risk of damage…when wet and heat-treated… such as when blow drying, using a hair straightener or a curling iron.

Silk proteins

Penetrate deep into your hair to support the proteins in the hair cortex and reverse signs of damage to give your hair a healthy shine. Silk proteins have been shown to dramatically improve the condition of hair after permanent and semi-permanent treatments like Japanese and Keratin hair straightening and permanent wave treatments like perms.

Wheat proteins

Forms a protective barrier to keep your hair beautiful even after a few washes. Wheat proteins in Beautilogy can create a ‘permanent’ conditioning effect that keeps your hair moisturised by locking-in proteins in your hair… and can last even after multiple washes. Gives your hair shine, silky soft touch and smooth feel... and you'll need even need to use less serum over time!


Provide long-lasting moisture. This protects your hair against brittleness and breakage. Keeping your hair well hydrated and moisturised is the secret to giving your hair improved manageability and shine

Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethiconol & Amodimethicone

Provides long-lasting deep moisturisation and conditioning to your hair by locking in hydration. This gives your hair an unbelievably soft velvety feel with a healthy shine. You'll also notice that your hair is practically static-free especially after blow-drying, hair straightening or when using a curling iron.

Results You Should Expect

Beautilogy Glamour Hair System has been designed to literally reverse years from the appearance of your hair. Once your hair changes, you’ll start having fun again… you can get it styled and even cut differently… hey, why not? You’ll be beaming with confidence and attitude. But please don’t mind compliments from your family and friends, and even strangers, who are brave enough to admit, “I love her hair!”.
  • Apply

    After washing, apply Step 1: SilkGuard immediately followed by Step 2: SoftTouch Conditioning potion

  • Style

    Wait 15 minutes, then style as normal

  • Enjoy

    Immediately you will notice the soft volume of your hair

LOVE IT or pay nothing!

100% Money Back Guarantee. We will give you a full refund, including shipping, if you are not completely happy with Beautilogy Glamour Hair System.

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